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Stone masonry is an umbrella term that covers all kinds of construction work using stone as the primary material. Stone masonry involves a wide range of structures and materials to work with. Stones are usually used in building walls, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, patios, stone veneer, and stone pavers. That’s why stone masonry is a job that is both demanding and challenging. So we will cover all the basics regarding this job below.

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What Kind of Materials are Used for Stone Masonry?

Stone masonry, in its watered-down form, needs two basic things – stones and mortar. Stone is obviously the first and foremost thing needed in stone masonry. Depending on regions, you will find stones that come with different shapes, sizes, designs, and textures. But, all stones used in the masonry work need to exhibit a few features. The stones should be without any cracks or cavities. They should have a solid core, and they must exhibit proper strength to go through adverse situations.

Once the stones are chosen depending on the scale of the project, we move on to the mortar. Now, getting the mortar right is very important. Mortar is the mixture that holds the entire stone structure together. Portland cement, water, and sand are mixed to create a paste that is applied on the edges, in between two stones and in between the surface and stones. Mortar is expected to carry strong, cohesive power. Depending on the project’s nature, the properties of the mortar will vary.

What are the Types of Stone Masonry?

We have two kinds of stone masonry – Rubble masonry and Ashlar masonry.

Rubble masonry deals with stones that are undressed or roughly dressed. This type of masonry focuses more on the smaller chunks. Mortar plays a huge role here since the materials are usually uneven. Rubble masonry can be further classified into coursed and uncoursed rubble masonry, dry rubble, flint, and polygonal masonry.

Ashlar masonry, on the other hand, differs from rubble masonry. In ashlar masonry, the stones are dressed, and they are uniform. The stones have uniform edges, and the thickness of the stones is directly proportional to the structure’s thickness. Ashlar masonry can also be further classified into a block in course, rough tooled, fine tooled, chamfered, rock and quarry faced masonry.

What are the Types of Stones Used in Stone Masonry?

Most of the stones are usable for multiple purposes. But generally, metamorphic rocks like slate and marble are used widely. Igneous stones are usually used in floorings and countertops. But, sedimentary rocks are the most used ones in the industry. Irrespective of their origins or salient features, all stones should be strong, firm, and durable.

For stone masonry, granite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, quartzite, travertine, and laterite are generally used. But obviously, depending on your location, you might get hold of more options.

Stone Masonry: Why Go With Professionals Only

As we have discussed so far, stone masonry is an umbrella term that accommodates a lot of intricate steps and processes. With different stones and structure, you will need a different set of skills. Without proper knowledge of each and every stone and experience in stone masonry, your project will inevitably run into issues. This will minimize the value of stones in use, and the project will come out flawed.

That’s why it’s always best to hire professional masons who have the required knowledge and experience of the job. We at Laguna Niguel Pro Concrete always provide you necessary guidance and expertise so that you can get your dream house. To know more about us and how we do it, give us a call on this number, (949) 635-7090.