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Retaining walls built with railroad ties are a great way to add beauty and function to your property. Railroad tie retaining walls have been used for decades due to their low cost, durability, and versatility. The railroad ties can be installed in many different ways depending on the project requirements. The railroad ties can also create a level surface by being stacked one on top of each other or they can be laid out horizontally across the slope. One of the benefits is that railroad tie retaining wall installations do not require any digging so there is no disruption of surrounding landscaping or planting areas! Laguna Niguel Pro Concrete is happy to discuss railroad tie retaining walls in Laguna Niguel, CA. Call us today at (949) 635-7090.

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Railroad Ties Retaining Walls in Laguna Niguel, CA

A retaining wall is a structure that supports the natural ground, typically with earthen fill, stone, or brick facing. Railroad ties are often used for retaining walls because they are affordable and require little maintenance to keep them looking good. They also offer more flexibility in design than concrete blocks can provide.  Railroad ties are easy to install, with railroad tie retaining walls becoming popular because they can be installed without any digging. Thus, there is no disruption of landscaping or planting areas!

Building an Effective Railroad Tie Retaining Walls

Many homeowners in Laguna Niguel are unaware of the benefits and cost-savings that railroad ties provide for their retaining walls. Railroad ties make excellent material because they come with a natural UV coating that prevents rotting, can be cut to size, and offer a natural look. The most important part of your wall is the base; without a good foundation, you will have trouble building any type of retaining wall structure.

To create an effective railroad tie retaining wall, there are a few steps you must take. Since railroad ties require no digging or concrete to set in place they can be laid out horizontally across the slope of your yard and stacked one on top of another for added strength. Using stakes at each end will allow you to know where the back will be placed when it comes time to add railroad ties in later steps, and making sure they are all squared off will ensure the stability of the structure.

As you can see, railroad tie retaining walls provide a solid foundation for your yard while creating an interesting design element at the same time with their natural look. When building these structures make sure that railroad ties have been cut to size, squared off, and laid out horizontally across the slope of your yard for added strength.

Advantages of Railroad Tie Retaining Walls

A railroad tie retaining wall is a type of structure that can be used to surround and contain an area of land. These walls are typically made with steel reinforced concrete and consist of a series of interlocking ties, or timbers, that support the weight from above. The most common use for these structures is in construction projects such as building roads or laying sewer pipe because they provide extra stability on uneven ground. They also serve as effective barriers against natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. 

The benefits of using railroad tie retaining walls include: 

  • Stabilizing steep slopes 
  • Providing additional strength on unstable ground 
  • Protecting the surrounding environment from erosion (especially useful when used near water) 
  • Keeping soil in place during heavy rainfalls 
  • Providing easy access to otherwise difficult areas

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